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You Need Great Listing Photos, And You Need Them Fast.

  • An accurate, polished portrayal of your property
  • A great-looking listing you can get live as quickly as possible
  • Exceeding your client’s expectations and looking like the hero
  • Confused buyers who show up expecting something different
  • Waiting around for days before posting your new listing
  • Impatient sellers calling yet again to “check in on the timeline”

Hey, I’m Leah

(Your New Favorite Real Estate Photographer)

I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses since – like – forever, and that’s where I got my start with photographing homes and interiors. With tiny houses, all of the challenges and fun of real estate photography are multiplied:

  • making a space look spacious, livable, and welcoming
  • finding the right angles to give a clear picture of the layout and flow of a room
  • accurately representing the lighting, finishes, and style of a place

You name it!

I like to joke that if I can make a 100-square-foot short bus look like a roomy and inviting place to live, just imagine what I can do for your house!

Another thing that I get is marketing. I understand the principles of selling, and what people need to see in the photos of a space in order to understand it and start to picture themselves in it. Sure, it might sound kind of “woo” to some, but there’s more to taking pictures of a house than just taking pictures of a house.

Real Estate Photography Pricing

These packages include a complete photo tour of the property that shows each room at its absolute best. You can expect bright, properly exposed, professional photos. The number of final photos will vary from property to property, but you can rest assured that nothing will be left out.

Up to 3,499 sq. ft


3,500 – 4,499 sq. ft.


4,500 – 5,500 sq. ft.


Limited Time Offer!

$50 Off Your First Booking

I’m new to the Berkshires (hey, new neighbor! 👋) and am so excited to make connections in this community and show you what I can do for your business. As an incentive to take a chance on the new photographer in town, I’d like to offer you $50 off your first real estate photography booking with me.